Four separate photos of a stereotypically British seaside town

Saturday's Cities in a Snap was won by a large margin by Vayify, a British mayor from the North of England.

The third April qualifier with the theme "regional fishing", was as a loose tie in with the Sunset Harbour DLC. The four contestants each came up with beautiful waterside cities, but the stand-out by far was Vayify's asset-heavy UK seaside city, Vayton-On-Sea.

The painfully British beach town was the crowd favourite by far, featuring a pebbly grey beachfront, amusement park, gorgeously detailed row houses, and a winding country road to a small satellite village in the hillside. The build almost had commentator AwesomeElves in tears with nostalgia.

A close shave

Overall Vayton-On-Sea was highest voted by audience and judges alike, which seemed to take Vayify completely by surprise.

Earlier as a "bit of friendly banter" Vay made a promise to shave his head if he beat previous champ SoEverdream. This promise was followed through on promptly after CIAS.

Vayify has a haircut

After the competition he commented, "I didn't think I was gonna win to be honest with you".

Tune in

You can tune in live to Cities in a Snap every Saturday, or follow Vayify as they continue their UK coastal city build every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.