A built-up Cities:Skylines city with the population highlighted

Biffa, professor of lane mathematics and reknowned traffic fixer has a new speed build challenge for the Skylines community.

The Challenge

Biffa takes the Panic Challenge

Grow your population as large as possible in 30 minutes.

  1. PC or Console
  2. Any DLC
  3. Any map
  4. No mods/assets
  5. No pausing the timer
  6. Cup of Tea at the ready!

Tips for growing population

Child Health Center
Child health center
  1. Manage your demand. Make sure you have everything your cims need, including jobs and entertainment.
  2. Aim to unlock high density buildings as early as possible, because it will help your population boom.
  3. Don't forget services. Services increase desirability and encourage cims to move in.
  4. Plop the child health center ASAP. This boosts your population growth.

Get involved

Biffa's original 30 minute video ends with nearly 10k population, and the challenge “Can you beat 9709, that is the challenge to you.”

This author's test run hit barely 7k, but folks around the internet are doing better.

Biffa is compiling a youtube playlist of results, and the highest score so far seems to be Tehradra with over 15k!

You can take the challenge at any time, but for fame and glory (and verification purposes) you should grab a screen recording of your efforts. Message @biffa on Twitter or Youtube with your results.

You can get inspiration from the playlist of submitted challenges, or follow Biffa on Youtube.