A futuristic skyscraper towers over a modern city

What could it all mean? This morning the official Cities Skylines Twitter posted a cryptic message to their account:

After some confusion, tech savy mayors realised this binary message could be decoded to read:

the future is hereby 752811818

But what could it mean? A follow-up tweet from Paradox Interactive only added to the mystery: “Ok @StellarisGame. You had your fun. Get off this channel. Back to your room!”

What is the future?

Could this mysterious message from the future be referring to Cities Skylines asset architect 752811818? And if so, why?

Mayor Cazgem posted a video discussing the plausibility of an upcoming futuristic building content pack, which makes a lot of sense. But Mayor Nightmorphis put a pin in that with the observation:

It doesn't seem there's a content pack for now, at least looking at steamdb. all C:S "unknown app" are all 2 years old and a DLC has to be submitted months before because yeah...

So right now all we have are mysteries. For more clarity we must wait for the future to come to us.

You can check out Cazgem's video below:

Cazgem discusses the future is hereby 752811818