A logo reads "Maxis presents"
Sim Refinery splash screen

Two weeks ago Phil Salvador published a long essay on the history of the Maxis business division, a spin-off from the creator of Simcity.

It's a tale of a struggling business unit trying to satisfy the whimsical market for corporate "sim"-type games in the mid-90s.

The unit famously produced a title called SimRefinery for Chevron, which disappeared a quarter of a century ago and only remained as a memory.

That was until Salvador's article got mainstream attention. The story reached a retired Chevron chemical engineer who still had a working copy of the game on floppy disk and was able to get it running again.

The game is now safely preserved at the Internet Archive where you can play it online in your browser. Keep in mind it's a business tool rather than a game, so while it was built on the same game engine it's definitely not as accessible as the original SimCity.

So why not give it a play this weekend, or at least read the original essay that uncovered this archaeological treasure. Let us know if you manage to blow up your refinery.

View some sample gameplay on Youtube